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Employees are your greatest security risk. Train them to become your greatest asset.

According to the SANS Institute, 95% of all attacks on networks are the result of successful spear phishing.

Employees are the first line and often the most important line of defence in protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of a company’s information. Data breeches regularly begin with phishing attempts targeting any and all employees at a business through email. CyberPhish offers superb Security Awareness Training to educate and empower employees to protect your valuable data.

Phishing is targeted, and e-mails are always disguised as official or legitimate messages from banks, popular social networking sites, and even work colleagues. Furthermore, because phishing e-mails are cleverly masked as the real thing, it is not uncommon for traditional security solutions like firewalls and anti-spam solutions to miss detecting them.

CyberPhish will take your team through short, focused, and highly effective training sessions along with simulated Phishing campaigns. Our learning resources are designed to help change staff behaviours and attitudes towards cybersecurity.

CyberPhish educates your staff to become your strongest security asset. Turning your weakest link into a Human Firewall.


CyberPhish Training Includes:

  • Interactive Focused Training Sessions
  • Simulated Phishing Campaigns, using South African Templates
  • Security ‘Hints & Tips’
  • Email Exposure Check
  • New Employee Cybersecurity Awareness Orientation Pack
  • Sample IT Related Policies
    • Social Media Policy
    • Social Engineering Policy
    • Bring your own device (BOYD) Policy
    • And many more

All it takes is one click, phishing emails only need one click to give the hacker access to your otherwise secure systems

Educate your staff and reduce your risk by providing your staff with Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Amateurs hack systems, professionals hack people

Make your staff your strongest line of defence and create a security culture that adapts to evolving threats


Educate your people and reduce your risk with Cybersecurity Awareness Training


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We work hard to keep your Human Firewall in Shape….

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